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Tourism, Art, Culture, Commerce & Industry

Communicating who you are and what you do in an innovative way!

Every day, for over 20 years we have been creating projects in commercial, industrial, museum/artistic and tourist environment, using the best technologies available on the market to offer the right solutions to the needs of our customers.

Connecting people, ideas, things in the surrounding world: this is our mission.

"A relationship exists when it produces real effects, and it produces them when each gives the other what the other needs".

From this sentence by Alessandro D'Avenia we can affirm that even for companies this does not change and we at ERREBI SOFT create these relationships through our network of partners, to give the best to those who have questions to which they want to give answers.

People and knowledge in synergy to overcome the challenges of the current market.

What we do

Some of the fields we follow

Our Services

Showrooms & Virtual Tours

360° immersive tours in real or virtual environments to communicate even better to your users who you are and what you do.

Projects in

AR and VR

Study of customized projects with the aid of augmented and virtual reality, with integration of 3D CAD techniques.

Proximity Marketing

Proximity sensors (Beacons), Geofencing and QR Codes: marketing strategies for the interactive involvement of customers and tourists.

E-learning & Gamification

Training and verifying with simulations what has been learned, interactive user manuals, learning by playing...

​WebApp Development

Light, flexible, without installation constraints.

The ideal tool to create a "Community" between you and your customers.

Corporate & Brand Image

Communication in all its aspects: Coordinated image study, logos, "house organ" and much more.

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